Glenlea Tennis Club is committed to providing a safe and friendly environment where all people are
welcome to play and enjoy the sport of tennis.

In order to do this, the club, committee and it’s members agree to be bound by Tennis Australia’s Policies:

  • Member Protection
  • Tennis Australia Anti-doping
  • Code of Behaviour
  • Extreme Weather
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Tennis Anti-Corruption program
  • Social Media Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Participation and Online Systems Terms and Conditions

Further information about each policy can be found at here.

Club Competition Protocol

1. Player(s) nominate to play Winter or Summer and select preferred division.
2. In conjunction with the club coaches, the Senior and Junior Captains make a recommendation to the committee for ratification. The committee has the final say. Players are allocated to teams based on the available data in ‘Match’ the Tennis SA results database.
3. Where an entire team is nominated, the requested division will be nominated but the allocated division will be made by GDTA (Summer) or TSA (Winter).
4. Provisional nominations are released to players. Within the Order of Merit settling period (usually weeks 1-4) requests for a review of position will be made – taking into account the most recent results.
5. Following the Order of Merit settling period the Order of Merit is determined on the win two – lose two formula (eg if a player wins two matches in successive weeks and the player above has lost the last two matches then they must be changed over).
6. Players are allocated to teams based on ability and the club will do their best to accommodate specific player requests within these guidelines but provide no guarantee that these will be able to be achieved.