Glenlea was founded by Frank Gibson in 1915 and was originally known as Church of Christ until 1937 when it then became Glenlea Tennis Club, as it is known today (because it was on the leaward side of Glenelg). It was the first club in Glenelg in the Holdfast Bay Association later to become Glenelg District Association. Three teams were entered into the competition but it wasn’t until 1947 that Glenlea won its first A grade premiership.
The courts were situated on Brighton Road adjacent to Glenelg Primary School. These courts were considered the best in the district and surrounding suburbs for many years. In those days tennis was not permitted to be played on club courts on Sundays. The colours of the club were green and white.
In 1956 a clubhouse was built consisting of a concrete floor and besser blocks for walls, allowing for future extensions such as change rooms, kitchen and storage area. Members carried out the work and building costs were five hundred pounds for materials. Membership increased from 56-110.
Due to the impact of the expansion of Glenelg Oval, Glenlea moved to its current site in 1970. The first 5 years consisted of hard work to re-establish the club. The clubhouse consisted of a tin shed, which contained one long seat, in which the nets were kept. There was no power and the existing 4 courts were in terrible condition. Six teams were nominated in winter pennant; five teams for summer competition and one girl’s junior team won the premiership.
By 1975 members’ numbers increased to 50 seniors and 32 juniors.
In 1978 two new courts were laid (now courts 1 & 2) and on Sunday 16 th September 1984 the new clubhouse was officially opened. Membership was 170 comprising of 9 summer teams and 1 team in the doubles competition.
By 1987 Glenlea was one of the largest clubs in the Glenelg District Association and by 1991 membership had increased to a record 212.
Night tennis began in 1996 and it is still played on Wednesday nights.
In 1999 Glenlea changed its logo and colours to that of today – blue and green and are known as “tennisglenlea”
In 2003 our men won our 1st winter Division 1 premiership. This in addition to a premiership in Summer Division 1Mens in 2001/02 and Summer Division 1 Ladies in 2003/04
2003/04 saw tennisglenlea enter its 1 st Men’s Pennant team in summer, finishing runner’s up.
The success of Glenlea Tennis Club is no doubt related to the many dedicated members who have given their time freely over the years. The earlier members set an example, which current members have continued. In recognition of one member’s extraordinary work the clubhouse was re-named “Lee’s Place” in 2002, as a thank you to Lee Lawrence.
Our current membership stands at approximately 200 members.

Premier League Pennant is the highest level of competition tennis in South Australia. It consists of eight mens and womens teams and is played each Saturday.
In the 2003/2004 season Glenlea entered a team into the competition. The team consisted of Colin Ebelthite, David To, Dalibor Pavic, Simon Pascoe, Troy Wuttke and Dane Bennett. The team was very successful in its first year, finishing second.
In it’s second year (2004/2005), the Glenlea Pennant Team consisted of Colin Ebelthite, David To, Chris Haskett, Simon Pascoe, Troy Wuttke, Dane Bennett and Graham Standish. The Pennant team finished fifth, missing out on the finals by a few points.
In its third year (2005/2006) Glenlea joined forces with Mellor Park Tennis Club. The team consisted of David To, Steve Clasohm, Heath Perry, Sean Page and Simon Pascoe. The team had a fantastic season, winning the grand final against Trinity Gardens in a tight battle. Well done to David, Steve, Heath, Sean and Simon for bringing home Glenlea’s first Mens Pennant premiership!